1. #ProfoundQuote Above all this is a reality for survivors of exploitation, domestic violence, so on so forth for them to overcome.

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    An estimated 293,000 American youth are currently at risk of being exploited in the commercial sex trade, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. One out of three of children who run away from home each year in the U.S. will be lured into or forced into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. 90% of runaways and throwaways will eventually end up in the sex trade.

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    Officials: US launched unsuccessful mission to rescue hostages this summer

    Washington Post: U.S. special forces launched an operation this summer to rescue Americans held captive in Syria by the Islamic State, but were unsuccessful, officials said Wednesday.

    One serviceman was reportedly injured in the operation but no hostages were found.

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    Photo: This September 2012 photo posted on the Web site FreeJamesFoley.org shows journalist James Foley in Aleppo, Syria. (Manu Brabo/AP)

  4. To be Biracial or Multiracial.

    #Ferguson How one lives affects more than just oneself.

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